The M/V Haendel  

Paasch Shipyard in Erie, PA. in 1965 for the Army Corps of Engineers as a Great Lakes Survey boat. It is powered by twin Detroit Diesel 6-71's. The boat was designed by Philip Rhodes a noted yacht designer who designed many of the work type vessels built at the Paasch shipyard as well as many familiar sailboats such as the popular Rhodes 19. The Haendel has been its name since the day it was built and has never changed. She was owned by the Corps for 20 years then sold to the Vermont State Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation and was extensively upgraded under the caring guidance of Ranger Gene Giard, who used the vessel to ferry passengers to and from the Vermont State Park Islands in Lake Champlain for 17 years. It was through Gene that Tiohero Tours found and purchased the vessel. The Haendel will be upgraded for a new service life in Cayuga Lake at Cayuga Wooden Boatworks for the 2003 boating season. The upgrades include the equipment necessary for the scientific research work we will be doing on Cayuga Lake, and for the lake tours we are providing for the public.


  • Length                38.1 miles
  • Width                 Avg. 1.75 miles, 3 miles at Aurora
  • Depth                 437 feet     this is 53' below sea level
  • Height                384 feet above sea level
  • Surface Area    68 sq. mi
  • Shore                 96 shoreline miles
  • Watershed        785 sq. m